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 Greek Taverna MILOS --- High end Greek gastronomy in Shanghai.

Milos was first established in Shanghai in 2006. Over the years, Milos has become a true favorite among both Chinese and westerners living in Shanghai. Currently there is one restaurant in town, located in Laowai street, offering a variety of seafood tastes as well as grill and meat recipes.

Enjoy the internationally known, both for its nutritional value and taste, Greek gastronomy and the well-known Greek hospitality in Shanghai town. Milos restaurant has a brand new menu focusing on amazing Greek style seafood and recipes based on fresh ingredients, herbs and Greek extra virgin olive oil. The familiar blue and white decor may just entice you to unleash your inner “opa” and certainly offer a feeling of the Aegean sea and Cycladic complex of Greek islands nourishing the sea breeze and sunshine.

Milos restaurant enables visitors to taste and experience delicious traditional and contemporary Greek cuisine, based on the healthy Mediterranean nutrition, while relishing Greek hospitality.

All dishes served in the Milos restaurant are prepared by a world renowned Greek chef, with extensive experience and training on the preparation of recipes with high nutritional value and unparalleled taste.

In order to prepare these dishes, we select and import the best Greek products, making sure they are both high quality and fresh. In this way, our visitors have the unmatched experience of authentic Greek food and hospitality right in the heart of Shanghai city.

Greek Taverna MILOS   
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