What is Feta Cheese丨菲达芝士知多少

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For Greeks, feta is like bread, it will be on every table regardless of what is being served.They eat it with vegetables, meat, beans, bread, and olives. They even eat feta with fruit, combining it with watermelon and cantaloupe.This rich and tangy soft cheese of humble origin has long been a staple in the Mediterranean region, but is now enjoyed worldwide.毋庸置疑,菲达奶酪是希腊享誉世界的最有名的奶制品和标志性美食,是绝佳的餐桌奶酪。希腊人无时不刻在食用菲达奶酪,伴以各种其他食品。根据欧盟法律,菲达奶酪已被认定为希腊产品,也仅有希腊可以生产菲达奶酪。它是希腊产品在全球市场上的特殊标志,也是大多数希腊派的主要原料。

What is Feta Cheese丨菲达芝士知多少


Greeks know their cheese. Statistics on cheese consumption place Greeks as the highest consumers of cheese in the world. Yes, it appears that the average Greek consumes about 50-65 pounds of cheese a year. How? Blame it on the feta; at least half of that cheese consumed is feta. 希腊的畜牧业者以及奶酪制造商们收集母羊、山羊和奶牛的奶,运用自己的传统技术,然后制作成美味的奶酪。希腊奶酪,有着自己独特的味道,独到的配方,是构成美食中的一个关键成分。What is Feta Cheese丨菲达芝士知多少


This white salty cheese produced from sheep’s milk, or a combination of sheep and goat’s milk, the nutritional profile is different than that of cow’s milk, having a higher content of essential fatty acids and minerals. It has become popular outside of Greece because of it’s taste and versatility. It has fewer calories than some other cheeses not because it is lower in fat, but due to its higher water content. 无论软的或是硬的,咸的或是辣的。菲达奶酪不仅出现在希腊人的日常餐桌上,在最好的美食餐厅的菜单之上,你也能看见它的存在。

What is Feta Cheese丨菲达芝士知多少

Come to MILOS ,you can enjoy the authentic Greek food,feta cheese yummy !


Greek salad is made with pieces of tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, onion, feta cheese, andolives , typically seasoned withsalt andoregano, and dressed with olive oil. Common additions include green bell pepper slices or berries ofcapers .对外国人来说,把“菲达”当作希腊菜肴的标签绝不为过。如果你在一本西餐菜单上看到“希腊沙拉”,那就是告诉你,这道沙拉不仅是各种菜叶和橄榄油的混搅,其灵魂一定是散落其间的那些白色斑块。 What is Feta Cheese丨菲达芝士知多少



Flaky phyllo sheets are layered with a savory spinach and feta cheese filling. Spanakopita can be made as a "pie" or pita, or as individualphyllo triangles.The filling is tender and cheesy and wonderful, and it’s layered with crispy, golden phyllo. It’s a neat twist on the classic Greek spinach pie. 希腊菠菜派看看外皮你就能知道有多么酥脆,一口咬下去会掉渣,里面的馅稍稍有点咸,希腊的奶酪以羊奶酪为主,而且羊奶酪是咸的!

What is Feta Cheese丨菲达芝士知多少



It includes sliced eggplant baked in a ground beef sauce and then smothered in a thin white sauce.The layers of potato, eggplant, spiced beef and béchamel sauce melted in your mouth – so many different flavors and texture, and they all melded together so beautifully. 莫莎卡是一道颜值超高的希腊特色菜,中间是牛肉末、奶酪层还混合着茄子,入口即化,而且牛肉末竟然还有汁水,搭着淡淡的奶味,简直醉心What is Feta Cheese丨菲达芝士知多少

At last, Happy Mid-Autumn festival !Don't forget to eat moon cakes and reunion with your parents.一年一度的中秋佳节马上就要到了,祝大家中秋节快乐!



What is Feta Cheese丨菲达芝士知多少


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Milos restaurant is proud to be granted the Certificate of Excellence for 2016. Based on the awards held annually by TripAdvisor, this leading travel website has ranked Milos Greek Restaurant with the award of Excellence among 13.903 restaurants in Shanghai.The selection is basically based on clients reviews and extensive data selected by Travelzoo and distinguishes Milos restaurant as the only Gr...
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MILOS uses the best ingredients from Greece which are greatly supported by AMPHORA. 米罗斯希腊餐厅一贯使用最好的希腊食材,其中一些由爱芬乐希腊进口公司提供。 MILOS Greek chef likes to use Greek products, like olive oil, olives ,Thyme honey. Geek food focuses on pure flavours and the fresh ingredients .米罗斯的希腊厨师喜欢用希腊原装的产品,比如橄榄油及蜂蜜,因为希腊菜讲究食材的新鲜和天然。 The best honey in Greece comes from “Thyme" (Thimari in Greek), by fa...
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Milos restaurant in No. 3338 Hongmei road is based on grill and meat recipes.Welcome to this distinctive Road and feel the hospitality of Milos. 老外街以优雅安静的氛围为背景,以现代欧美风格为特色,熙熙攘攘的风情街,你可以找到十几个国度的美食,因而这条街被称为“舌尖上的联合国”。  Milos Preferential Guide for your referenceHappy Hour RMB20/Glass Monday - Friday 16:00-19:00 丨 葡萄酒欢乐时光 周一至周五16:00-19:00 20元/杯Greek BBQ & Pork Gyros Start From RM...
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New Dish, New Greek Chef in Milos新的菜品,新的希腊厨师Come and Taste "Greek Mom's" Secret Recipe!快来尝尝“希腊妈妈”私房菜的味道! Reservation in advance get 10% discount提前预定,享10%折扣Tel: 021-643177517pm Friday, 25th Nov. 20162016年11月25日星期五,晚七点No.1 Yueyang Rd.(Milos Restaurant)岳阳路1号(米罗斯希腊餐厅)
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