Celebrate Sunday Easter with Milos 来米罗斯一起庆祝复活节盛宴吧

DATE: 2016-06-21
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Celebrate Sunday Easter with Milos

About Greek Orthodox Easter

In Greece, Easter Sunday is a widely celebrated occasion. Lambs are roasted on a spit and the provision of wine and ouzo is abundant. The roasted lamb is served in honor of Jesus Christ, who wassacrificed and rose again at midnight of Easter Saturday. Lamb is the most traditional Greek Easterfood. Red-dyed eggs are cracked against each other and the person with the lastremaining uncracked egg will have good luck. Easter Sunday is a time of festivity and people merrily rejoice, eat, drink and dance with friends and famliy until late at night.





This Sunday the 1st of May, come to Milos resaurant and celebrate this special day with us! RMB245 per person, including tranditional Greek food, free flow of Ouzo!



Roasted Lamb

Beef Liver

Gioulbasi with pork and cheese roasted inpaper wrap


Traditional Greek Salad


(Soup with veal liver, anise, spring onion and lettuce)

Lettuce Salad

(Red peppers with vinegar and olive oil)

Spinach Pie with handmade dough

Greek Feta Cheese

Eggplant Salad


(yogurt, garlic, cucumber, vinegar, olive oil)

Dolmadakia with yogurt

 (Leaveswith rice and lemon)

Spicy Cheese Spread

Oven Baked Potatoes

Pita Bread

Traditional "red" Easter Eggs




2016 - 08 - 30
Milos restaurant is proud to be granted the Certificate of Excellence for 2016. Based on the awards held annually by TripAdvisor, this leading travel website has ranked Milos Greek Restaurant with the award of Excellence among 13.903 restaurants in Shanghai.The selection is basically based on clients reviews and extensive data selected by Travelzoo and distinguishes Milos restaurant as the only Gr...
2016 - 08 - 12
MILOS uses the best ingredients from Greece which are greatly supported by AMPHORA. 米罗斯希腊餐厅一贯使用最好的希腊食材,其中一些由爱芬乐希腊进口公司提供。 MILOS Greek chef likes to use Greek products, like olive oil, olives ,Thyme honey. Geek food focuses on pure flavours and the fresh ingredients .米罗斯的希腊厨师喜欢用希腊原装的产品,比如橄榄油及蜂蜜,因为希腊菜讲究食材的新鲜和天然。 The best honey in Greece comes from “Thyme" (Thimari in Greek), by fa...
2016 - 08 - 05
Milos restaurant in No. 3338 Hongmei road is based on grill and meat recipes.Welcome to this distinctive Road and feel the hospitality of Milos. 老外街以优雅安静的氛围为背景,以现代欧美风格为特色,熙熙攘攘的风情街,你可以找到十几个国度的美食,因而这条街被称为“舌尖上的联合国”。  Milos Preferential Guide for your referenceHappy Hour RMB20/Glass Monday - Friday 16:00-19:00 丨 葡萄酒欢乐时光 周一至周五16:00-19:00 20元/杯Greek BBQ & Pork Gyros Start From RM...
2016 - 11 - 21
New Dish, New Greek Chef in Milos新的菜品,新的希腊厨师Come and Taste "Greek Mom's" Secret Recipe!快来尝尝“希腊妈妈”私房菜的味道! Reservation in advance get 10% discount提前预定,享10%折扣Tel: 021-643177517pm Friday, 25th Nov. 20162016年11月25日星期五,晚七点No.1 Yueyang Rd.(Milos Restaurant)岳阳路1号(米罗斯希腊餐厅)
Greek Taverna MILOS   
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