The summer holidays are just around the corner. Have you started making plans? To make sure you are enjoying! You should know that Milos is a terrific place to enjoy the summer.进入火热的夏季,米罗斯希腊餐厅准备了鲜榨果汁&夏日鸡尾酒&冰激凌!为你带来圣岛酷爽清凉的海风,夏日美味,尽在米罗斯!  Milos is absolutely one of the best place to get-together with your best friends,talking about your recently life and you can watch the wonderful live matches Euro Cup ! If you want to spend an enjoyable time with your sweetheart,you should bring her to Milos certainly,you don’t have to go abroad to Sea of Love,you will immersed in the ro...
发布时间: 2016 - 07 - 01
Will you be upset when it's rainy and gloomy? Milos will take you to sunny Greece with 25% Off for food !雨天来店消费,菜品享七五折优惠!  Restaurant Details 餐厅信息     Yueyang Rd Branch (岳阳路店)Tel:021-6431 7751E-mail: reservation@greekmilos.comAdd: No. 1 Yueyang road, near Dongping road Hongmei Rd Branch (老外街店)Tel: 021-5440 8530E-mail: reservation@greekmilos.comAdd: No. 16, Lane 3338 Hongmei road
发布时间: 2016 - 06 - 16
We have a good news for you!For all the customers coming to Milos and willing to leave your contact message, Such as name card or filling in the feedback&comments card,Milos will offer our friends "Gift Card" and you can receive one bottle of free house wine by it next time,and you will have a chance to win "5 night stays Luxury Hotel in Santorini, Greece!!! (Sponsored by one of the proud member of Hellas Group---My Odyssey).  米罗斯给大家准备了惊喜哦!即日起填写顾客反馈卡给予宝贵意见并留下联系方式就有机会获得米罗斯希腊餐厅姐妹公司“魅奥德赛”提供的圣托里尼岛5天奢华酒店住宿!更有精心准备的礼品卡送给亲老顾客,凭此礼品卡再次进店可领取Milos特藏葡萄酒一瓶。 Santorini is the top ...
发布时间: 2016 - 06 - 16
Greek Taverna MILOS   
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No.16,Lane 3338,Hongmei Rd
Tel: 021-54408530
传真:+86 0755-2788 8009