Descending leaves fall to the ground,Twirling, twisting, round and round,Autumn season is already here,The smell of freshness is oh so near. The crisp, cool breeze,Shakes the leaves from the trees, Autumn takes away the green, Golden-bronze and brown is all that can be seen. 秋日时光如此好的天气唯有美食不可辜负不胜枚举的美食就算吃的再饱看见甜品之后还是无法自拔口水流得不要不要的~  My yard is full of leaves todayBrown and yellow and goldI think I'll rake them in a pileHigher than my head Then I'll pretend it is my bedI'll jump in very quickAnd pile their leaves up over meFor covers soft and thick I'll just lie there so nice and warmAnd ...
发布时间: 2016 - 09 - 27
Milos restaurant is proud to be granted the Certificate of Excellence for 2016. Based on the awards held annually by TripAdvisor, this leading travel website has ranked Milos Greek Restaurant with the award of Excellence among 13.903 restaurants in Shanghai.The selection is basically based on clients reviews and extensive data selected by Travelzoo and distinguishes Milos restaurant as the only Greek restaurant in Shanghai with this distinction.祝贺米罗斯希腊餐厅(岳阳路店)获得猫途鹰旅游网评选的“2016年度卓越餐厅”荣誉称号,由猫途鹰官方系统在上海13903家餐厅里精选并授予的年度荣誉称号! Sharing below our customers reviews - Let's see the comments from cus...
发布时间: 2016 - 08 - 30
MILOS uses the best ingredients from Greece which are greatly supported by AMPHORA. 米罗斯希腊餐厅一贯使用最好的希腊食材,其中一些由爱芬乐希腊进口公司提供。 MILOS Greek chef likes to use Greek products, like olive oil, olives ,Thyme honey. Geek food focuses on pure flavours and the fresh ingredients .米罗斯的希腊厨师喜欢用希腊原装的产品,比如橄榄油及蜂蜜,因为希腊菜讲究食材的新鲜和天然。 The best honey in Greece comes from “Thyme" (Thimari in Greek), by far the best honey in the world and a favorite among honey connoisseurs. The honey from Greece is considered to be some of the finest honey in the world. Variables such as unlimited summer sun, the biod...
发布时间: 2016 - 08 - 12
Greek Taverna MILOS   
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